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Rand al'Thor


Josh Hartnett
I decided it was more important than that the actor playing Rand be able to act it well, look well in it and have an impressive voice than that he be 6'6" or more. So, I chose Mr. Hartnett who is one of the finest young actors in Hollywood, who can do "brooding" very well, who is 6'3", and therefore tall enough to work, and has a very impressive voice. He will need a red wig, though.

Egwene al'Vere


Mary Elizabeth Winstead
The Richard Boye drawing of Egwene looked so much like Ms. Winstead that I can no longer see her being played by anyone else. She's the right age but can look mature enough to pass for 30, which will help her carry off being the Amyrlin Seat, and an Accepted.

Thom Merrilin


Christopher Lloyd
Except for his voice, Chris Lloyd embodies the role of Thom so much that you'd think the part was written for him. Thom is alternately silly, serious, charming, threatening, an actor, a singer, a warrior, a tell me an actor who can do all these with the ease of Mr. Lloyd. Plus he looks just like several pictures of Thom I've seen (just add pure white hair and long moustaches).

Gareth Bryne


Sam Neill
Neill doesn't really look exactly like the description given for Bryne in the books, but he does have a very commanding presence and it's easy for me to see him in this role.

Tam al'Thor


Clive Russell
He's a tough old guy who looks convincing in either a fatherly or soldierly role. He's also got a broad chest, but isn't very tall. He's perfect.

Davram Bashere


Joe Mantegna
For some reason, a majority of my Saldaean characters are played by Italians. This is fine with me, because they sound kind of like an Italian culture to me. I dunno why. Mantegna is short, broad and the right age, plus he looks like he could be Christina Ricci's dad.

Perrin Aybara


Paul Telfer
He's the right height, and though the picture doesn't show it, he's built and he's got big shoulders. He starred in the Hercules TV movie, so that should say something. There's several pics on a fan site; just google him to find it. I also think he has a "wolfish" look. Add a beard and he's perfect.

Nynaeve al'Meara


Kate Beckinsale
Heaven help me, I could not find a picture of Ms. Beckinsale in a braid. But I found one with her hair pulled back and a very...uh...Nynaeve-ish expression. Nynaeve is a very tough part, a woman who is as stubborn and thick as any man, yet a delicate flower on the inside whose weakness and lack of self-esteem show themselves occasionally. Kate can portray both parts well.

al'Lan Mandragoran


Ralf Moeller
All I ever hear for this role is Viggo Mortensen, Daniel Day-Lewis or Clive Owen. Typecast much? When it comes to Lan's lack of central screentime, and especially lines spoken, all the actors above are just too famous and leading-man-like. Plus they're too small and not built enough. Look at the above picture and think of him with long hair. Stone face, piercing eyes, height (6'7"),'s all there. Maybe he's not a great actor, but all he's got to do is speak his lines and not move his facial muscles.

Min Farshaw


Alexis Bledel
Min has to be pretty even while being "boyish". I don't know many young women who can carry that off, but Alexis sure can. It's iffier how she'll do with the tomboyish personality that Min is supposed to have, but since the tomboy fades a bit after the third book, maybe it won't be such an issue.

Juilin Sandar


Naveen Andrews
I really struggled with Juilin for a long time. It was the numerous layered performances I've seen Naveen give (The English Patient, Lost) that convinced me he could do this.

Bayle Domon


Steven Spiers
This is a very bad picture of him, but it's the only one I could find. Go watch The Musketeer and pay close attention to Porthos.



Tony Shalhoub
Tony's a good enough actor to convincingly pull off Perrin, but age and looks wise he's much closer to Hurin. Since Hurin is a smart but funny man, who should be both a fighter and sort of comic relief, I think he should be played by a guy who can do both convincingly.

Mat Cauthon 


Jonathan Jackson
Jackson's got that youthful, rascally charm that Mat simply must have, and in this pic he looks very close to what I imagine Mat looking like. I've heard several good suggestions for Mat, but none of them look so much like the image I got in my head than Jackson did.

Elayne Trakand


Danielle Panabaker
I know Elayne's supposed to have red-gold hair, but there's something about Ms. Panabaker that just says "daughter-heir of Andor" to me. She looks very sweet and innocent, but can play haughty and noble too.

Loial son of Arent son of Halan


Michael Dorn
There's no denying that Michael has the body type and voice to play Loial, but I hope he doesn't mind wearing a motion-capture suit. Dorn as Loial will need Gollum-esque CGI to make him look like the picture on this site's homepage. But still...couldn't you see it?



Christina Ricci
Why shouldn't a hyper-annoying character be played by a hyper-annoying actress? I'm kidding, but seriously, the whiny, self-absorbed Faile immediately conjured an image of Ms. Ricci, complete with high voice and not-quite-perfect face. She doesn't have tilted eyes, per se, but neither do a lot of Japanese people I know.

Abell Cauthon


Iain Glen
There's no reason that Mat's dad has to be played by someone in his fifties or sixties, since Mat's not exactly old. Plus, he's not bad looking, which fits, since Mat isn't, either.

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