Robin Hood: The Movie

Robin Hood


Paul Telfer
I'm not sure why this guy's career hasn't taken off yet. After going over a lot of the "known" names, this guy just tops them all.

Sir Guy of Gisbourne


Aaron Stanford
Guy of Gisbourne was a young lord, not the Sheriff's lackey. In my version he's the main villain, and Robin's romantic rival. Who can smoulder with the best of them as a young lord out for the hero's woman? Mr. Stanford.

Friar Tuck


Timothy Spall
The picture says it all.

Much, the Miller's Son


Max Pirkis
My take on Much is that he's the young peasant who is saved by Robin early in the film and pledges himself to him. Max is young, british and experienced. Not a problem.

Maid Marian (my choice)


Cherise Zerbin
She's not a professional actress, but she does act, she's the right age (but could pass for older) and she's just plain perfect. If I had my choice, this would be her film debut.

William de Wendenal, Sheriff of Nottingham


Eddie Izzard
In my version of the tale, the Sheriff is not particularly evil, just corrupt and out for himself. As the man who controls the law for nearly all of Northern England, he is pulled into Gisbourne's plan to bring Robin Hood down. I also see him as something of a wit, with a sense of humor. So why not a comedian? In case you are wondering, William de Wendenal was a real person and he was sheriff of Nottingham during the time Richard was away at the Crusades. He may not have been corrupt, but he did tax the people heavily.

Will Scarlet


Michael Fassbender
In the picture he looks like a bit of a brooder, but anyone who's seen 300 knows that he has a fun side. I am not including the rivalry between he and Robin, and in my version they are cousins, both young lords deposed due to their political stance.

Prince John


Wes Bentley
The villain behind the villain. Prince John in my tale is a greedy power-grabber who, among other things, tries to usurp the throne in his brother's absense. Gisbourne is working for him, and offering to help rid the kingdom of a certain vigilante. I do not see him as a goof, the way he keeps being portrayed.

Maid Marian (if we must have an established actress)


Rachel Hurd-Wood
Of course, there's always the chance that someone will insist upon an established actress. For the same reasons as Ms. Zerbin, I pick Ms. Hurd-Wood.

Little John


Clancy Brown
He's always cast as big, scary guys, so it fits. Plus he's a very good actor. At 6'3", he might have to have some camera angles/digital growth effects to make him 7', but otherwise he fits.

Alan a Dale


Callum Blue
He's going to be a bit of a drunken travelling bard, and I like o'l Callum, particularly when he plays a layabout.

King Richard


Toby Stephens
Forget the whole "Sean Connery" approach to Richard; he was not an old man when he went off to fight in the crusades. I mean, he was 41 when he died. My version of him is not quite as saintly as he was portrayed in previous versions; he even thanks his brother for bringing the church under direct control of the crown. But then, that's more historically accurate. He plays a much larger role in my film, with his kidnapping by Leopold actually portrayed and his saving happening about 3/4th's of the way into the film.