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Monica Bellucci
Okay, so maybe Heinke Makatsch just wasn't severe enough for Lanfear. She'd make an okay Aran'gar, though. I gotta go with the crowd and choose Ms. Bellucci. This is probably most Lanfear-ish pic I could find that was...erm...decent.



James Marsters
Let's see, musclular but compact: check. Blond? Well, not quite but close. Able to play evil well? Oh, yes, definitely. Add a scar and square beard and you have our man Sammy.



Amanda Donohoe
There's very little I can say that the above pic doesn't say just as clearly. She's a spider-lookin' thang, ain't she? She plays evil well, considering she apparently is in real life as well.



Look at the picture. That's all I'm gonna say.



Robin Sachs
He's the right age, not young, not old. He also has an unremarkable face, but he can play evil. This is a hard-to-define role.



Gary Oldman
There's no denying that Oldman plays EVIL better than anyone in Hollywood, and as the major villain of the first three books, he's got plenty of chances to flex his evil muscles. Seeing his face in fire in the latest Harry Potter movie convinced me the rest of the way.



Dina Meyer
This pic looks deliciously curvasceous and sexy. Red hair is there, as is the face. I think that if you replace the white top with one of Graendal's see-through numbers, you wouldn't even need make-up.



Marton Csokas
Something about a guy who glowers a lot made me think of Mr. Csokas. Csokas has made a career out of playing bad guys, and there's a reason. He looks mean. Yes, he looks like Demandred to me.



Emily Mortimer
Since we're given little to go on concerning what Mesaana looks like, I decided to go with the 13 Forsaken Days of Christmas interpretation, plus Emily has big blue eyes. This pic (and some others I found but couldn't upload) make her look evil.



Heike Makatsch
I wanted her for Lanfear, but she matches this part better. She's beautiful and I am convinced that she could play evil.



Vladimir Kulich
Now I can already hear all the yelling "No, no, no! He's not dark enough! He's not handsome enough!" Well, friends, calm down a moment and let me explain. First of all, he is handsome in a hard sort of way. I chose the above photo because I imagine him making that face when he and Rand are fighting in Tel'aran'rhiod. Second, Rahvin has dark hair and that can be accomplished with a wig. Unlike some, I don't think that Rahvin is supposed to be black. He is, however, very tall and buff, which Mr. Kulich definitely is.



Rupert Everett
The best-looking of all the Forsaken, plus the guy who mopes about playing music...well, any handsome British actor could do this role, but Rupert just for whatever reason looks the part to me. I get a little annoyed when I see people suggesting older actors or men who aren't all that good-looking since it clearly says in the books that Asmo is just approaching his middle-years and looks handsome.



Derek Jacobi
Be'lal isn't around for very long, so I guess he could be played by anybody. I like Derek Jacobi as an actor, and the above pic should look Be'lal-ish to anyone.

Myrdraal/Shaidar Haran


Christopher Adamson
Remove the Judge Dredd makeup and you have a guy who can play all the Myrdraal. He looks scary! He is typically cast in bad-guy henchman roles, and there's a good reason.

I am yours, Great Lord of the Dark

"The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and go. What was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow. Let the Dragon ride again on the winds of time."